“Must be a bad-ass.”

The coaches at CrossFit Insurgent come from diverse athletic backgrounds and experience, but they all have one thing in common, they care. Their passion and commitment to helping you achieve your personal fitness goals is what separates us from other gyms. We know every member and their fitness goals, and strive to provide the training, education, support and motivation to meet these goals. As a coaching staff, we are committed to pursuing excellence and pushing you to thrive, not just survive. We are invested in taking care of you and take pride in helping you to enjoy life. We are in the business of getting you prepared for any obstacle or task life may throw at you.


    Brian is an 18-year veteran in the fitness industry.  He established his career with 24 Hour Fitness before becoming an integral part of the Gold’s Gym franchise.  His drive and determination enabled him to sustain a successful career at the corporate level where he supervised numerous openings, and also managed a number of the company’s most profitable locations in Southern California.

    Brian is a native of Southern California.  Although born in San Diego, his family relocated to Mexico where he spent his early childhood.  After 10 years, his family moved back to San Diego where he began cultivating his athletic abilities.

    He started wrestling at the age of 13.  Brian went on to compete in wrestling tournaments in California, winning both gold and silver medals for his achievements.  During his wrestling career, he earned a position as a participant in the California State Games in Freestyle Wrestling.

    With his passion for fitness, Brian became a certified personal trainer in 2000.

    In 2009, Brian was introduced to the exciting culture of CrossFitting and is currently Level 1 certified.

    Committed to his strong belief in fitness, teaching, and coaching, Brian understands the importance and value of teamwork.  Because of his desire to give back to the community, Brian created and founded “Maria’s Kids”, which is a free after-school program for middle school and high school youths seeking a positive atmosphere for personal growth and development.


    • USA Sports Performance Coach Level 2
    • CrossFit Weightlifting
    • CrossFit Football
    • CrossFit Gymnastics
    • CrossFit Edurance
    • CrossFit Level 2
    • CrossFit Level 1

    Victor has been doing CrossFit since 2007 to supplement his career as a Professional Firefighter. After competing in the 2010 So-Cal sectionals Victor crossed paths with Ronnie Teasdale Founder of CrossFit Mean Streets. They developed a friendship and Victor was a vital component of spawning CrossFit Mean Streets in Downtown Los Angles to the thriving level that it is now.

    Victor understands and has embraced the concept of using intense physical training to develop the mind along with qualities such as discipline, honor, integrity and hard work. Victor’s goal is to use physical training to carve out mental toughness and physical preparedness as a body of work, core competency, and an essential requirement for every day success. He understands that movement is comprised of biomechanical efficiency and knows to make one move properly before moving intensely.




    • CrossFit Level 1 certified
    • Has been coaching CrossFit since 2009
    • Mobility and Movement enhancement certified
    • Professional Firefighter of over 12 years
    • Student of Olympic Weightlifting under Wil Fleming of Peak Performance
    • CA State Certified Fire Instructor
    • CrossFit Regional team competitor


  • Aaron Gatdula

    Born in Pasadena, CA, Aaron was a very active kid growing up, always outdoors and playing competitive basketball throughout high school. Nowadays you can find him on the Weightlifting platform where he continues to be a passionate student of Olympic lifting working to perfect his craft. He owes a lot to Crossfit, saying that, “If it weren’t for Crossfit, I might have never been introduced to the art of Olympic Weightlifting”. He is extremely passionate about all of what CrossFit has to offer: the healthy active lifestyle, meeting new people who share his addiction to torn-up hands, scraped-up shins, and music blasting to the sounds of weights clanking and dropping on the box floor. Aaron loves that Crossfit can be constantly varied and that Crossfit is constantly humbling; everyday at the box presents a new challenge. He likes to keep it fun while helping others to achieve their fitness goals. He also enjoys warming up and rolling out to Bob Marley, but will lift or WOD to anything with a good beat.


    • CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer/USAW Level 1 Sports Performance
    • USA Sports Performance Coach Level 2
    • CrossFit Level 2


    • USA Weightlifting Athlete (1999-2011)
    • USA Weightlifting Pan Am Championship
    • Team Member in 2010
    • USA Weightlifting World Championship
    • Team Member in 2007 and 2009
    • USA Weightlifting 105 kg Class National
    • Champion in 2007 and 2009
    • USA Weightlifting Olympic Trials Qualifier in 2004 and 2008
    • 105 kg Class Collegiate National Champion in 2007
    • Current 105kg Class National Collegiate Record Holder
    • USA Junior Worlds Championship Team Member from 2003-2005
  • Danny Mcdermott Coach

    For over forty six years, weightlifting has played a major role in Danny’s life. During his career Danny has competed, coached, managed, directed competitions, gym owner, referee, promoter and public speaker. Having a rich experience of witnessing the evolution of weightlifting and how it has affected the lives of many people makes his journey interesting.

    Along the way, Danny has achieved several accomplishments. As a teenage Bodybuilder, Danny has won the titles of Teen-age Mr. Los Angeles most Muscular and Teen-age Mr. California Most Muscular. As Open Competitor, Danny has won the Mr. Orange County, Mr. Anaheim, Mr. Venice beach, Mr. Muscle Beach, and the American Cup Championship Title. As a power lifter, Danny obtained two concurrent California State Bench press records in the 165 lb division (430 lbs.) and in the 181 lb division (451 lbs). In addition, Danny also held the American National record in the 165 lb division and a top three world ranking. For his outstanding achievements in 2010 Danny was inducted in the Powerlifting Hall of Fame. Danny’s passion of accomplishment did not stop at weightlifting He also achieved a Black Belt in Kung Fu-San Soo. As a Martial Artist, Danny was one of the ten selected to represent the United States in a match against the Thai Kick Boxers.

    As a strong believer in putting back into the community, Danny has trained many athletes who have benefit from His experience and knowledge. As a coach Danny has had the pleasure of developing willing participants to better themselves through weightlifting.Training athletes to achieve their best has always been Danny’s goal. As a result Danny has successfully trained powerlifters who have broken State, National, and World records and bodybuilders to major titles. On the International level Danny has coached the American Powerlifting Team in the 1980 World Games and the Japanese Women’s Powerlifting Team at the 1980 World Championships. As an Olympic Weightlifting Coach, Danny has trained two National Champions and a Team USA Athlete representing the USA in overseas competition. Not limiting Himself to Weightlifters Danny has trained several college athletes, many of who played at the division 1 level.

    Danny served as the California State Chairman for the United States Powerlifting Federation. In 1979 Danny promoted and directed the Powerlifting National Championships in Los Angeles.

    Today as a member of USA Weightlifting Danny is extremely active in Olympic Weightlifting. Among the many activities Danny is registered as a U.S.A. Weightlifting National Olympic Coach, and LWC Referee, and has served as the Local Weightlifting Committee President for U.S.A. Weightlifting, President of Team Southern California, and has served on the USAW Competition Committee.Youth development is very important to the future of Olympic Weightlifting in America. Responding to the need Danny donates his time doing speaking engagements, seminars and demonstrations.Danny along with His Business Partner, Patrick Cullen-Carroll founded the Olympic Weightlifting Academy. As a result of the Academy Athletes are earning Weightlifting Scholarships at Louisiana State University in Shreveport, LA. Currently Danny along with Patrick Cullen-Carroll are conducting USAW Coaches Certifications at several College campuses.

    “What has weightlifting done for the many people I have known through the years? It has made the weak strong, the obese fit, the self-conscience confidant and the low esteem believe. All it takes is “the will to prepare to win”. – Danny McDermott

  • Ricardo Alvarado
    Ricardo Alvarado
  • Jacob Scherf Coach


    • CrossFit Level 2
    • Usa Sports Performance Level 1
    • CrossFit Football
  • Jasson Silva Coach


    • CrossFit Level 1