Rocio Garcia

I really needed to make a change for my health and my kids.

It is amazing that in such a short time I have dropped 30lbs and become so much stronger.

I have so much energy. I can chase after my kids with no problem. My stress has dropped to almost none existent and no more headaches.

Crossfit Insurgent feels more like a team. I’m not alone in my workouts and I get the extra push in a positive way.

I PR’d (personal record)during skills without even noticing. It felt so good when I realized that in just a week I was that much stronger. Thank you so much for having such an amazing Box!

Luis Vazquez

I first came into CF Insurgent May 2014 after a friend of mine who was interested in it needed a friend to go with her to do the intro to CF class, my thoughts prior to that class was that CF is overpriced and the circuit training that I was already involved in was sufficient in my daily regimen of workouts, I was skeptical of the whole CF movement to begin with, with the stories of the injuries that it might induce if not properly coached and the pricing as stated before.

The intro class was a good one, it provided me a good sense of what was to come if I became a member, I saw the energy in the members who had just finished their WOD, along with the exhaustion induced by a hard workout, it was nice to see the comradery of the group and immediately became hooked after the WOD I did in the intro class. I have been a member for over a year now, with positive overall changes in my endurance, agility and overall strength, I very much enjoy high volume workouts considering the fact that I am more endurance based than strength based, I see myself loving long chippers and holiday team WODs, the team aspect along with the friendships I have developed have really provided a sense of belonging to the CF Insurgent family, there is a sense of security and sincerity behind the coaching, you are treated more like a friend than just some other member that pays a lot of money for a service.

My confidence has grown substantially, believe it or not I am normally the shy reserved type but at the box I have a tendency to be very outspoken and loud during WODs which would be considered either good or bad depending who you are speaking to lol. The overall growth of mind and body are very much appreciated due to the hard work and the push that has been provided by the CFI staff.

I have been preaching the CF lifestyle for the last year to the point where many are sick of me talking about CF, the first rule of CF is to always talk about CF! I have been very open about my time at CFI and I have spread the word of the programs that we have at the box and how many of the other programs in the SGV fail to have the programs we have like OLY lifting and CF Football. As for my favorite story at this point it would probably have to be during last years Thanksgiving Day WOD, my group and I were able to win first place along with the prizes that came with it.

Karen Kinsman

My very good friend Pat Young told me about a great class and gym she was going to last February and needed a change since what I was doing was not working. Since last year I have lost 24lbs and become so much stronger and I can say I am in the best shape I have been in a long time! This class has changed my body and I have never seen better results doing anything else! I actually have muscle definition in my arms which is a impressive for being 54!! I don’t mind telling you my age because it shows that no matter how old we are, our bodies will reflect our lifestyle. I love snow skiing and need to stay strong to continue skiing or the chances of getting injured are so much higher.

The members are all so friendly and the trainers work with each of us to get us to our full potential with so much encouragement!

CrossFit is my mental therapy and I can tell if I have had to miss a few days in a row. I love the early classes so I rarely have an excuse to miss. I began to see changes within the first month of committing to going at least 4 times a week.

I have told many people about CrossFit and my good friend Debbie joined and loves it. I would tell anyone it is that HITTCON is the best class I have ever done and my body is proof that it works.

This is the best gym I have ever been to and there have been a lot!!

I needed a change. I had a friend try CrossFit and highly recommend it. I looked up local boxes and CFI was highly rated. I sent the email and the rest is history.

The physical changes I have experienced are immense. I have lost 40 pounds and the definition in my body is showing. I would have never imagined seeing such results.

Since joining CrossFit Insurgent I made the commitment to changing my life and convert to healthy eating. My family and I eat well balanced meals and look at food differently. The confidence I now have obtained since joining the box has provided a new more positive outlook on life.

What I tell friends about CrossFit is that my box is ran by experts who have the patience to help you meet and obtain your goals. I rave and carry-on every moment I can about how they should join CrossFit Insurgent. So far 2 co-workers have joined.

My favorite story about CFI remains after attending the introduction class because I am not ashamed to admit I threw up. I could have easily decided not to return it was too challenging but I signed up.

Jose Ulloa

Not happy with weighing 325 lbs I decided to join my wife on the weight loss journey

Since joining CrossFit I’ve noticed I have more energy, stamina, sleep better & my quality of life overall has become 100% better… And losing 100 lbs., I must admit not being limited to the big & tall section when shopping for clothes feels awesome .

Joining crossfit Insurgent would be one of the best life investment you could do. You’ll have great coaches & crossfitters who have the same mindset, to better themselves that will motivate you every step of the way.

Anthony Nerey

I’ve wanted to try CrossFit for a while, and then when I found out from Vic that you were opening up I couldn’t wait to give it a shot. Once I tried it I loved it, and had to join.

I’ve seen myself more active, energetic, and best part slimming down.

It has made me more determined in working out. The whole team/family atmosphere at our gym makes it easier to want to go back. I like the way we help and encourage each other during our works. Start together Finish together. Thank you Coach Brian and the whole coaching staff for making this family.

CrossFit is a must… I would want them to come to our gym, but if not ours go out and try it. Its way better than going to 24 hr or LA fitness or any other regular gym, But don’t get me wrong as long as you’re working out, that’s good for you. I just like hearing people being happy. And when it involves working out, being healthy and fit, those are the best stories. Looking at people smiling and being happy is the best feeling.


230 pounds of unhealthy, the want to make a change and the motivation to make that change happen!

Question should be what changes I haven’t seen! Since I included CrossFit Insurgent into my routine, I have gone from a whopping 230lbs down to about 191lbs. And from 30% total body fat to 18% total body fat! I now fit size large shirts, and I am no longer a size 38 in jeans (don’t know my current waist size, still slimming so putting jean shopping on hold). And still more changes to come!

Outside CFI, big things are happening! I can pick up on some old business that got set back due to weight issues such as I am now closer to meeting the requirements for the US Marine Corps. At my current weight I have been able to actually start the process and sign paper work, just have to shave of the few extra pounds to head out to boot camp! On another note, CFI and their commitment to Teamwork has helped me work better with others at my job, set direction and motivate them as well. All around

CFI is my safe haven and always makes my day and I’m looking forward to maybe one day coaching and teaching CrossFit to share with others these feelings that I feel!

Something I would tell a friend would be, that they should definitely incorporate CrossFit into their daily schedule! It is a great substitute if you don’t want to work out in a gym. It’s the best way to challenge yourself and test your limits! Not only does it improve your fitness but helps you for everyday life. It’s a community of people who all want the same thing, to live life better, healthier and fitter than when they walked in. And it’s something you won’t regret!

My favorite CrossFit story/moment was the first day I walked into CrossFit Insurgent! I didn’t know what to expect or what was going to happen! All I knew was that it was going to be one good intense workout! By the end of my first official WOD I became a CrossFit addict! Always wanting more!


I had just been in a motorcycle accident and I was recovering from a knee injury. I needed some sort of physical training that I could perform and not re-injure my knee. I decided to try cross fit and not be “THAT GUY” just waiting for my injury to heal without doing anything to help it along.

As a Military and Law Enforcement professional it is very important that I maintain my physique in good shape for the job. I have doing cross fit for approximately 2.5 months, its remarkable how quickly my body has reacted to the CrossFit workouts. I consider myself to be in the best shape of my life since I started this program. . Just coming home and not being tired and being able to go to cross fit is awesome.

My quality of life has definitely improved. My energy level is way up; I can work a 10 hour shift then still WANT to go to CrossFit and workout once I get home. It feels good to know that I am getting my body into the best shape of my life.

You should definitely try it! The CrossFit program will change your life. You may not believe that this type of work out is something that you can do, but the coaches are there for you and are very professional and approachable. You will be amazed at what your body can do.

As a Law Enforcement professional I am on a motorcycle for 8 to 10 hours a day. Since I started CrossFit, being on the bike just makes it easier, even with my knee injury.


My friend Andy Floyd always posted photos of her classes and it motivated me to try out the free class. It was a big eye opener to see how out of shape I was at only the age of twenty three at the end of my assessment test. Weight loss has always been a struggle in my life and I was so over just talking about how much I wanted my body to change yet my habits or life style didn’t. I was finally ready to get up and do something for myself, to make me feel good when I see myself.

Confidence! After a big depression I kept to myself and was extremely shy with low self-esteem. I remember days I would just lay in bed and think to myself “this is not who I am” and with CrossFit I felt like I was repairing the old me but any even better me. Also some amazing results in my body.

Now that I’m happier with myself I’m happier life. I have energy now to finally feel A live, I really do owe a huge credit to Andy for pushing me to go and test out the class.

I would and do say: It will be the best thing you can do for yourself. CrossFit isn’t about having your body looking good in the mirror that’s just a plus! You’re gaining so much more.

When I slept in on my 6am CrossFit class Monday and when I walked in on Tuesday there was coach Mike waiting for me at the door “So you think you can just sleep in on Monday and not show up to class”. It was so funny but I need that push to keep me going.


I started CrossFit To experience a different form of fitness and get on a new fitness program to supplement my running schedule.
The quick changes I have experienced improved lifting form, greatly improved cardiovascular endurance that has assisted me maintaining running at a higher intensity.

Become stronger and healthier is helping out with overall quality of life and less injuries.

I would tell a friend Give it a try. You will be surprised how much you will like it, Great competitive team atmosphere.

One of my favorite days, the day I was able to accomplish double unders.


I was an avid gym goer, no days off, who found myself completely bored of the same weekly routines. Even if you change body parts and exercises weekly, in the end, it just felt like the same thing over and over again. I wanted to keep changeling myself and keep learning. Then another gym goer told me about crossFit and how perfect it would be for. When Insurgent opened I jumped at the opportunity to try it out.

In the last couple of weeks I have begun to notice fat loss, my legs are leaning out and my clothes fit better and all without any changes to my normal healthy eating routine. The best part of the physical change is that my workout time has cut down by about 50% and the results are better now than ever before. The best change, for me though, has been mental. I challenge myself during our WODs and do things I never thought I could do. Nothing seems impossible now, I know with a little time and effort I won’t have to modify any workouts eventually.

Zuly Reyes

I learned about CrossFit a few years back, but was intimated by it. The idea of performing the moves I saw on TV and lifting heavy weights, just didn’t seem possible for ME. I soon realized that my regular cardio and workout DVD’s just weren’t cutting it, I needed something that would challenge me. AND ONE BIG DAY, my husband (who was into CrossFit) and I decided to give it a try, at an actual box (not the makeshift “box” we had at home…lol). I was hooked by day-one!

I have seen many changes since I started CrossFit. I’ve seen changes in my body that I haven’t seen in years. I am the strongest I’ve ever been, both physically and mentally. I no longer feel intimated by the amazing athletes that surround me every day, they inspire me to keep going. I no longer doubt myself, I am no longer afraid of challenging my body and mind.

CrossFit has given me the confidence I was lacking. In the past, I was held back by my injuries, but CrossFit taught me how live with them and not be afraid of them. My injuries are no longer a burdensome shadow following me around. I know how to control them now.

I constantly tell my friends and loved ones about CrossFit because I feel that everyone should take advantage of the benefits. It’s such a fun learning environment. People often tell me “there’s no way I can do that”, but I love to tell them (as cliché as it sounds) “if I can do it, so can you”. CrossFit is the only environment where you feel uplifted, encouraged, motivated, and empowered.

There are many CrossFit stories that I resonate with. But my favorite story is about an athlete that had a back injury, who was told she would NEVER be able to resume her athletic lifestyle. After much physical therapy, her injury hardly improved. She then decided to take matters into her own hands and resume her athletic lifestyle through CrossFit. After 9 months of CrossFit, she was able to recuperate her injury and continues to thrive in the sport.

Mateo Ruiz III

For about two years I knew I had some health issues due to a life style I was living. My doctor had diagnosed me with high blood pressure and hypertension. Really? My feet was always hurting from walking from the weight gain. October of 2013 I got a great news that I have a baby on the way. This is when I made the change of eating healthier. I was always active with running, basketball, and mountain biking. Around January of 2014 I lost 10-12 pounds.

February 2014 I discovered crossfit insurgent in Covina. Signed up for the 3 times a week plan they offer. I did my first week of 3 times a week. Fell in love with it. The following Monday I called to upgrade to unlimited membership. I enjoy the pain, failure, comradery, and the improvements I get during my 1 hour 6am class. All of March I came Monday to Friday at Insurgent. I went 42 days of doing some kind of exercise. I over did it. My body fell apart. Was educated by couch Ishmael of the need of a rest day. Protein after the wods. Last know your body.

Its now late April 2014. Missed 2 days this month of crossfit. Saw my Doctor and things are looking good he said. Feet do not hurt anymore. Since starting crossfit 11 week ago I lost another 7 pounds. Over all a bit stronger. Energy I have during the day is crazy. In my office looking at the wall I want to do a hand stand push up sometimes. Better mood because I do not feel so tired all the time. My old lady is loving the new me.

Crossfit is a life style. It is going to hurt. Your hands will grow ugly callus. You will eventual fail after adding more weight to that bar. Enjoy it. Thing could be worst.

There is a female in my class I find hilarious. She is scared of everything. Watched her stare at the wooden box for the box jump. She kept attempting to jump on top of the box but was doing it half fast and failing. Then she would try it on the side of the box going full speed. Totally looks like she clears it by a few inches. Coach came over staked a 45 weight plate. Ask her to jump on top of it. She did. He staked another on top. Ask her to jump on top of it. She did. And another plate. Ask her to jump on top of it. She did. Ask her to turn around and look at the wooden box. The 3 plates was taller than the box. Asked her to jump on the box. Argh. Finally she got up there. This was really fun to watch.

Frank Santana

The thing that brought me to crossfit was the 2012 crossfit games in carson. The strength and overall fitness those athletes had, blew me away. In the short time I’ve been coming to crossfit insurgent I have noticed overall increase in strength, flexibility, and endurance. I’m in construction, so I’ve been able to apply the techniques we have been shown on proper lifting outside of the box out in the feild. I have been telling my friend’s that crossfit will change the way you think about fitness. Challenging, fun, and most of all rewarding. My favorite crossfit story is the open, 14.4. I wasn’t expecting to do as well as I did. But the feeling of competing and the hearing people cheering you on is something that just makes you push harder, ignore the pain and the adrenaline that is pumping through your body makes you breakthrough your mental barriers.

Jacob Scherf

I had been missing that drive of competition that I had when I played football at Azusa Pacific and decided after researching Crossfit that it was time to get back in the game of competing in a different way.

I have seen a change in not only my body, strength and overall physical fitness, but I have also seen a change in my confidence and attitude in and outside of the gym. Crossfit has taught me to work hard and stay humble in every aspect of life.

Crossfit has opened up brand new doors for me. My confidence level is through the roof so now taking on more challenges at work and becoming more of a leader even when I am not asked to be is something I am noticing more and more every day! It is also helping me as a coach, in that I can take things I learn and help my athletes with what they are struggling with!

I would tell them that at first you may be frustrated because if you are not familiar with the movements it may be very hard to stay motivated, but the community that Crossfit Insurgent has will keep anyone motivated and keep them wanting to come back not only to get better and be the best they can be, but also to interact with the Crossfit family members that you will gain each and every day you come.

My favorite Crossfit story is not so much a story as it is a moment. That moment is when you finally preform a movement right or you break through and set a PR and everyone there is excited for you and you just feel alive! Also when you see someone accomplish something that they thought they couldn’t do and the excitement on their face, those are my favorite Crossfit moments.

Liz Bernal

At 230lbs and size 18 pants fitting snug I realized there needed to be a major lifestyle change and decided to do something about it instead of wishing for a miracle…I started working out at home and changed my eating habits…before I knew it I had lost 55lbs…but after a while noticed I was no longer seeing results and knew I needed something more challenging than what I was used friend suggested I try CrossFit since she was a CrossFitter herself stating that I would enjoy it…so i did.

CrossFit Insurgent is where i decided to go based off their excellent reviews, location and hours…since starting I’ve leaned out significantly, I’m stronger physically/mentally and notice definition in areas that I’v never thought possible… such as my abs and arms.. which is way more than what I expected to get out of joining CrossFit Insurgent..not to mention the crazy energy I have through out the day which beats feeling fatigued and tired any day of the week

If your looking for a family oriented friendly environment with coaches and CrossFitters that want nothing more but to see you succeed in achieving your personal goal…whether its to loose weight, get stronger or doing it to better your health in general.. with out doing the same old routine that eventually will get tiring then CrossFit Insurgent is where you need to be…

Me being afraid of heights or anything having to do with me being off the ground was a No go..which meant I never thought a box jump was something I could ever accomplish!! But being that I have an awesome coach that believed in me more than I did.. tricked me into doing a box jump…what he did was asked me to jump on a box which I declined cause again I was terrified at the thought.. so he instead stacked plates for me to jump on like usual, but this time instead of the usual 3 he stacked 4 . He asked me to jump it..So I did .then he staked 5 . Asked me to jump it…so I did…then stacked the 6th plate..asked me to jump I did.. I would do anything at that point so that I wouldn’t have to not jump on the terrifying box! …he looked at me as he went to go grab a box and placed it next to the plates..then said “The plates are higher than the box…now jump the box!!” So I did!! Yayy for me All thanks to my coach who took the time to prove me wrong…at that point I realized the only obstacle I had was myself…and gave it my 100% after that…fear or no fear!!

Richard Flores

In the past few years I have always seen, “The Crossfit Games” on ESPN and always wanted to try those type of work outs. Having exercised my whole life, understanding some of the lifts and movements, I figured it was something I could do. Of course I was impressed with the competition, but I was mostly impressed with the athletes themselves. Average looking guys and gals till the shirts came off and “Bam”, totally shredded athletes. Something I had been striving for but couldn’t find the way. I had been waiting for a crossfit box to open in West Covina and then I seen the sign for “Crossfit Insurgent”. I hesitated to walk in, intimidated, only because of past experience… Macho dudes in a typical gym, head phones on, never talk to anyone, no one smiles or says hello except the staff. To my surprise I walked in and was immediately greeted with a smile and a handshake… What a relief, now my guard was down and I asked all the questions I had in mind, and coach Brian answered them all… So I signed up for the into class about a week later.

Within the first 3 months I dropped about 15 pounds of fat. After doing crossfit for 6 months, I had lost about 25 pounds of fat, and gained about 10 pounds of lean muscle. I feel “GREAT”… Healthy and strong! Getting better with age instead of the opposite, feeling old…

Outside the impact has even been more significant. My attitude, my morale, my outlook is totally positive now… It’s the “Community around crossfit” that really has impacted me with my fitness. Fitness, namely crossfit has become my hobby, not my chore… I look forward to seeing my crossfit family and killing a WOD together… The positivity and support I get at the box has spilled over into my personal life. I am now more supportive and positive with friends and family.

Just go and try it… The coaches are great, they are knowledgable, friendly, and love to have fun. Of course, the same could be said about all it’s members. We are a tight group and even do activities outside the box together… BBQ’s, beach wods, fund raisers, even a Dodger game. Crossfit Insurgent will not only get you to meet your goals in fitness, but also meet some great people along the way.

There is a ton to list, but I have to say one of my own… I was about 2-3 months in and we had a WOD with a sick amount of pull ups… Now I had just stopped using a band to assist with pull ups… Feeling pretty good about myself… So here I was, arms and back totally smoked gasping for air, and I ran off to get a band to finish my last round… One of the girls from the group shut me down, “what are you doing? Why are you getting a band? it’s your last round, you’re almost done, you can do it without the band,”. Her support and belief in me pushed me through that last round without that band, and I haven’t used one ever since….

Vincent Campbell

My life sucked. Every time I started something, I NEVER finished it. Being overweight is one thing, but not having any confidence is another and I had reached a point where I had no self-confidence and even lower self-esteem. All I did was get up every day and talk about what I wanted to do and how I was going to do it, but never actually did anything about it. I had been interested in Crossfit for a long time but it always came across as something that would make me uncomfortable, which is the last thing I wanted. One day I decided that I was no longer going to spend my time wondering what I could have been and got my butt to Crossfit Insurgent! From the moment I set foot in Crossfit Insurgent, I felt the comradery and the support from all the coaches and other members. It felt like a family and that is what I needed, a place to go where people would support my efforts to become a better person, physically, mentally and spiritually as well.

One thing that I was apprehensive about was the amount of injuries that all the haters always talk about on the internet surrounding Crossfit. The coaches at Insurgent are not only Crossfit certified but have very prominent backgrounds in physical fitness and nutrition. They always work with us to make sure we are not getting hurt and that we are lifting the correct amount of weight and performing movements properly. The coaches are also very helpful in EVERY aspect of health; they are always open to talk about nutrition, rest and other aspects that affect performance in the box. The owner Brian has got to be the most dedicated owner/coach that I have ever met. Normally owners have this kind of douche bag attitude; it is the complete opposite with Brian and the whole coaching crew! I have seen Brian come in and coach 12 year olds for his completely free youth program. Where else can teenagers get professional training for free? That is Brian, and that is the community attitude here at Insurgent.

Since coming to Insurgent, I have just about doubled my strength, stamina and flexibility. In 5 months, I am starting to see changes in my body that I have never seen before, lines and muscles that I thought I would never have! But what has changed most for me is how Crossfit Insurgent has affected my attitude outside of the box. I feel like I am unstoppable! I feel like anything I want to achieve in life, I can do it if I just put my heart into it, which is something I learned inside the walls of Crossfit Insurgent.

My fondest memory at Crossfit Insurgent was when I did the first muscle up of my entire life. Coach Vic was helping me in his spare time (that’s what the coaches here do!) and the feeling I got when I got up on those rings and heard everyone screaming was one of the best feelings I have ever had. It was like hitting the game winning shot and everyone was cheering for me. If you are tired of always being out of breathe, or putting a dent in that couch and are ready to change your life, Crossfit Insurgent is the place where that can happen! Remember, you get out what you put in and here at Crossfit Insurgent we start together, and finish together!

Meagan Suen

At the start of 2014 I made a promise to myself to try something new every month. My intention was to develop hobbies which would push me out of my comfort zone. One month I decided to give crossfit a try because I was looking for something that would get me back into shape. So signed up for an intro class at CFI and thought to myself, “How bad could it be?” Well, I guess I learned that day because the intro class whopped my butt! Needless to say, it was exactly what I needed.

In the months that I’ve been coming to CFI I’ve notice improvement in my mobility/flexibility as well as an increase in overall strength and endurance. Things that once seemed really difficult are now within reach. I have gained nearly 7 pounds (I call it my mini gains! haha!), gone down a pants size and my body fat percentage has decreased. I’m still a work in progress but that’s okay because I’m enjoying every second of the journey.

The changes I’ve witnessed are not only limited to our box! I love that I’m able to transfer the strength and energy I have acquired in crossfit to other areas of my life. When you workout on a regular basis, both your body and mind will reap the benefits. The surge of mental clarity I experience after I get home from a wod is remarkable. I’m less stressed and have more focus and drive to accomplish things. I don’t hesitate to challenge myself with new projects. Life definitely seems a little more vibrant now.

I always encourage friends to give Crossfit Insurgent a try whenever they ask me about “what I’ve been doing”. The atmosphere is a 100% judgment-free zone. Members will cheer you on no matter what your fitness level is. You’re going to feel sore and tired at first but that’s normal. We all got to start somewhere. Don’t worry, you’ll come back stronger each time and more knowledgeable about how your body works. Just have some patience and listen to the coaches (you’re in good hands there). You’d be surprised at what you’re capable of.

Speaking of listening to the coaches, I remember a couple weeks after I had first joined and was still struggling with cleans. It looked easy enough but the movement felt completely foreign to me. After many trials and errors, I was completely at my wit’s end. I remember Coach Brian telling me, “You’re over thinking it and that’s what’s stopping you.” At the time I didn’t realize the extent of these words. But in that moment of utter frustration, I stopped doubting and just went for it. AND IT WORKED. I cleaned the bar and was surprised by how easy it felt! It was my first little epiphany moment and although I’ve had many more since then, I like to reflect back on it because it reminds that anything is possible as long as you have trust and confidence in yourself.